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Cessna Aircraft

The Cessna Citation XLS is a Cessna Citation Excel, with more payload, improved PW545B engines and improved range. The Cessna aircraft model 560-XL Cessna Citation XLS combines a shortened Cessna Citation X aircraft cabin with a modified Cessna Citation V aircraft wing. Its two P&W PW545B turbofan engines provide 330 NM more range and 19 knots faster normal cruise speed than the Cessna Citation Excel aircraft. Cessna aircraft introduced the Cessna Citation XLS aircraft in 2003.

The Cessna aircraft called Citation Sovereign is a new Cessna aircraft that combines a slightly modified Cessna Citation X aircraft cabin, with a brand new wing. Cessna thought about designing an all new fuselage cross section for the Cessna Citation Sovereign but decided instead to use the existing fuselage to reduce development time. The Cessna Aircraft Citation Sovereign is equipped with two PW-306C engines and has a new swept supercritical wing. The Cessna aircraft Citation Sovereign has a Honeywell Epic LCD avionics suite, TCAS and EGPWS.