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Lear Jet

 The Lear jet aircraft is manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The Lear jet 60 is a Lear jet 55, with a three and a half foot longer fuselage. Pratt and Whitney Canada PW305 engines, Collins Pro Line 4 Avionics and numerous other improvements.

The Lear jet 55 was Lear jet's entry into the medium-sized business jet field. In designing the Lear jet 55, Lear jet utilizes the earlier Longhorn 28/29 wing with winglets and married it to a larger fuselage. The step-down aisle in the cabin has five foot nine inches of headroom. The Lear jet 55B introduced a digital flight deck, modified wings and an improved interior. The Lear jet 55C comes equipped with Delta Fins that improve performance and handling in the Lear jet aircraft. The improved Lear jet 60 first flew in June of 19891 and deliveries began on the Lear jet 60 after certification in 1993.