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Interested in trading a plane?

General Aviation Services is one of the few plane brokers that will trade a plane with you. If you see something you are wanting on our aircraft for sale page and have a plane to trade contact us to discuss the trade a plane options. View our current inventory of aircraft for sale.

Trading an aircraft?

We will assist you from the beginning of your trade a plane transaction until the close of your trade. One aspect of the aircraft broker in contrast to real estate or boat broker positions is that when you trade a plane it can happen fast. From trade a plane to purchasing aircraft to selling your aircraft we are your complete aircraft broker information resource. Being one of the best aircraft brokers in the corporate aircraft industry General Aviation Services.

As one of the best aircraft brokers we have had trade a plane experience in:

  • Brokering King Air Aircraft
  • Brokering Gulfstream Aircraft
  • Brokering Hawker Aircraft
  • Brokering Raytheon Aircraft
  • Brokering Learjet Aircraft
  • Brokering Cessna Aircraft
  • Brokering Sabre Aircraft
  • Brokering Jetstar Aircraft