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2007 Airbus EC135 P2+ - 0534

  • Available May 2022 at Sterling Helicopters, PA
  • 352 Hours Since New
  • Engines P&W CPO Warranty (2 Years/500 Hours)
Aircraft Information
Year: 2007
Make: Airbus
Model: EC135 P2+
Serial Number: 0534
Registration: N219GD
Airframe Hours Total Time: 352
Landings: 664
Price: Make Offer
Contact Number: 1-847-726-5000
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Make: Pratt & Whitney
Model: P2+ 206B2
Serial Number: PCE-BJ0402
Hours Total Time: 352
NG Cycles: 485
NF Cycles: 663
Make: Pratt & Whitney
Model: P2+ 206B2
Serial Number: PCE-BJ0403
Hours Total Time: 352
NG Cycles: 485
NF Cycles: 664
Cockpit: Single/Dual Pilot IFR Glass Cockpit
Flight Control System: Digital Automatic Flight Control System
VHF1: Honeywell KTR908 System
VHF2: Honeywell KTR908 System
Navigation: 2 NAV/ILS Collins KNR 634A System
Heating: Bleed Air Heating
Automatic Direction Finder: Chelton DFS-43A System
Transponder: MST 67A System
Distance Measuring Equipment: Chelton DFS-43A System
Global Positioning System: Freelight 21011/O Approach Plus
Attitude Indicator: Yes
Radar Altimeter: KRA 405B
Air Speed Indicator: Yes
Triple Tachometer Indicator: Yes
Central Panel Display System: (CPDS) - Yes
Displays: 4 - SMD 45 Displays
Interior / Exterior


  • VIP Configuration 2 + 4 Passengers
  • Pilot & Co-Pilot Leather Seats
  • 2 Aft-Facing Passenger Leather Seats
  • 2 Forward-Facing Passenger Leather Seats
  • Front Cabinet, Flat
  • Leather Wrap Rear Cabinet with Armrest
  • Leather Interior Paneling
  • VIP Carpet for Cockpit, Cabin & Cargo Compartment
Additional Features
  • Rotor Brake System
  • Search & Landing Light
  • Air Conditioning System for Tropical Environment
  • 2 - Pilot & Co-Pilot ICS System
  • ELT Artex
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cabin Fire Extinguisher
  • Clock
  • Leather Interior Paneling
  • Engine Fire Extinguishing System
  • Torch Light
  • Strobe Light
  • Reinforced Rear Landing Gear Cross Tube
  • Boarding Step Illumination
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2007 Airbus EC135 P2+ - 0534