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General Aviation Services is built on relationships. We have developed many worldwide relationships with aircraft manufacturers, brokers, dealers, service providers and operators we can provide our clients with the most accurate and timely information available to help them make decisions.

Expect More from Your Broker

General Aviation Services represents first-time buyers and seasoned buyers looking at new or pre-owned aircraft. When working with buyers, we help them define their mission profile, select aircraft, makes and models to fulfill their profile. We analyze the total potential cost of each aircraft today and over its life are important to our clients as well. Our budgeting process uses our client's fixed costs and specific details of each aircraft under consideration so that our clients know exactly what they are buying and what they can expect over the upcoming five years.

For over 52 years, General Aviation Services has been a leader in the evolution of aviation tools. We are well known for our progressive, thorough and service-orientated approach to aircraft acquisitions, sales, consulting and analysis. Today, aircraft buyers expect more from their broker than ever before and we offer a wealth of experience to meet those expectations. Buyers value our attention to detail, strategic and analytical acquisition process, in-depth communication with them and our professional and persistent follow up.

We believe so strongly in our processes that we buy and sell aircraft, not just broker them. That's not just a statement of our financial strength – it's putting our own resources to work based on the proven processes we employ for our clients.

Information Does Not = Intelligence

Buyers can find a lot of information online and in magazines about what aircraft are for sale. Information, however, does not equal intelligence. For your acquisition to be a successful and pleasant experience you must be sure that you completely understand the aircraft you are considering purchasing ahead of making an offer. This includes understanding its history, its compliance with upcoming regulations, projected future costs and much more. When representing an acquisition client, General Aviation Services follows a very detail-oriented and thorough approach to the process. The results of their unique approach are successful acquisitions at great prices with clients who are informed about their aircraft and future operations.

Every aircraft has a unique track record and relative value to similar planes. Knowing the idiosyncrasies of each aircraft on the market is often the key to a successful acquisition. Our acquisitions department will bring an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace to your next transaction. This negotiation-enhancing wisdom is yours whenever you work with General Aviation Services. As an informed, empowered buyer, you'll be able to negotiate from a position of greater strength and confidence.

An aircraft transaction is not only an important financial decision but also a reflection on the company or individuals involved. When helping clients with an acquisition, we have all the tools to define a mission profile and find the most appropriate aircraft – one they'll be pleased with long after the transaction is over.

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