Aircraft Acquisitions

Today, aircraft buyers expect more from their broker than ever before and we rise to the challenge.

Finding the Right Aircraft for You

Our worldwide relationships with aircraft manufacturers, brokers, dealers, bankers, service providers, and operators, as well as our advanced database allow us to successfully bring buyers and sellers together in today’s global market. Whether your perfect aircraft is sitting in Boston, Brazil, or Belgium, we have a proven process, expertise, and the relationships to help you seize a great opportunity.

A Process to Seize Opportunities

We believe so strongly in our processes that we buy and sell aircraft ourselves, not just broker them. That's not just a statement of our financial strength – it's putting our own resources to work based on the proven processes we employ for our clients. Purchasing aircraft for our own inventory is an advantage few aviation companies are able to do, which provides us with a dynamic insight that can help you seize a great opportunity.

“As you predicted, we definitely were able to purchase our aircraft at a lower price compared to what we would have spent without your company. You prevented us from having too much money on the table. The fact that we have been aircraft operators since 1971 did not qualify us to really know the true fair market value.” Bob Watkins, Chairman & CEO, Rampmaster

Specifically we can help you with:

Aircraft Evaluation/Selection   

We work hand-in-hand with you to guide and consult on the purchase process. We start by helping you identify the proper aircraft to fit your travel needs. Our research and marketing teams work together to provide you with a market analysis and a complete technical comparison for each aircraft under consideration. With our in-depth knowledge of every aircraft model, we analyze the aircraft condition, hourly operational costs, estimated maintenance expenditures, and future resale value to give you the data you need to make a well-informed decision. For more on the value we offer you, read Information Does Not = Intelligence.

Buyers value our attention to detail, strategic and analytical acquisition process, in-depth communication, and our professional and persistent follow up. To get started, use our Plane Finder or give us a call at 847-726-5000.

Interested in a aircraft but want to learn more about it? Feel free to use our Airplane Library or give us a call at 847-726-5000. We can answer any questions you may have quickly.

Managing the Process

Once an aircraft has been identified that meets your needs or we find a buyer for your aircraft, we facilitate the agreement for the transaction. We are there for you from the negotiation phase to the aircraft inspection, to the closing and beyond. Want to learn more about our Buying and Selling Process, check out our pdf on the Acqusition Procedure Overview.

Post-Buy Services

Well after the ink has dried on the contact, we are still available to provide advice and answer your aviation ownership and operation questions. Every client is provided with a variety of technical services and assistance. We will stay in contact with you throughout the ownership of your aircraft, keeping you up-to-date with Market Update Reports so you can see how the market is doing and the current value of your aircraft.


General Aviation Services is Inventory dealer as well as a brokerage company. We buy aircraft for our own inventory and will look at any trade-in opportunities.

Partnership on Opportunities

Our financial stability allows us to partner with other brokers when special opportunities to acquire aircraft for clients or ourselves arise. Give us a call at 847-726-5000 to talk.

Financing Assistance

Having trouble securing financing for your aircraft purchase? While we don’t provide financing ourselves, as members of the National Aircraft Association (NAFA) we have developed strong banking relationships both here and abroad. We can often assist our clients with the right introductions and access to financial programs that might not be available to them directly. Give us a call at 847-726-5000 to discuss your needs and see if we can help.

Aircraft Wanted - We are an Inventory Aircraft Dealer actively looking for aircraft to purchase. Call 847-726-5000 to discuss selling your aircraft to General Aviation Services.