Aircraft Sales & Brokerage

A Proven Process!

Buying and selling aircraft is a complex process that has only become more complicated throughout the years. You need a broker who will not only take ownership of your transaction but guide it to a success outcome. Our team of experts manages the process of buying or selling your aircraft inside and out, not letting any details, forms, legalities, or procedures fall through the cracks to derail or lengthen the process. Starting with market research and in-depth aircraft evaluations to transaction support to post-purchase services, we have you covered every step of the way.

Not only does our proven marketing, sales, and acquisition process make life easier for you, it saves you money. Our expertise in pre-purchase inspection and contract negotiations keeps your costs down. In fact, we know how to market our clients’ aircraft for sale so effectively we save them $15,000 on marketing costs as well as selling the plane faster. For more details on how we save our clients money, download the Estimated Cost Savings of Working with General Aviation Services. (link to download pdf file)

As a leader in the aircraft brokerage industry, we have successfully completed over 2,000 transactions for our clients. Although every deal is unique, our combined experience allows us to identify red flags as well as see similarities and patterns in market conditions.

Our goal is to make life easy for you. Let us put our expertise to work for you today.

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As your aircraft broker, we can assist and consult with you on the following:       

Free Aircraft Evaluations

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Market Research

Our approach to aircraft sales involves comprehensive research into current market conditions for your specific aircraft. Knowing the current market, competition and recent sales required a knowledgeable team and leading edge technology to collect and analyze trends. General Aviation Services has made new technologies the cornerstone of our business. With our unparalleled access to market intelligence completed, we can accurately value your aircraft at a competitive price and a build a strong marketing strategy that attracts the right buyers quickly and cost effectively.       

For more on the value we offer you, read Information Does Not = Intelligence.

Transaction Management

Buying and selling aircraft is a complex process that has only become more and more complicated over time. You need a broker who knows how to manage the process inside and out and won’t let any details, forms, legalities, or procedures fall through the cracks to derail or lengthen the process. Although every transaction is unique, we’ve been in this business for over 50 years and have seen it all. We can identify challenges, pitfalls, and red flags, as well as strategies to avoid them.

Aircraft Marketing & Exposure

Quite simply, we have the tools and the know how to market and sell your aircraft quickly, for a fair price, and with little effort on your part. Our global network of contacts and proven successful marketing strategies enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations. Cutting edge contact management technology and campaign management capabilities allow us to market your aircraft with more precise targeting than ever before. Our network of information allows us to strategically price and market aircraft on a global basis. Current market and buying trends are derived and analyzed from precisely developed tools to better position our listings in the market. With the combination of tools, technology and experience we will find you the right buyer quickly and cost effectively. See how our proven marketing process saves you $ Money. (link to pdf)

Managing the Process

Once an aircraft has been identified that meets your needs or we find a buyer for your aircraft, we facilitate the agreement for the transaction. We are there for you from the negotiation phase to the aircraft inspection, to the closing and beyond. Want to learn more about our Buying and Selling Process, check out our pdf on the Sales Procedure Overview. (links to pdf)  Check out which planes we’ve recently sold to get an idea of the current market.

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