1986 - 1989 Beechjet 400
1986 - 1989 Beechjet 400 >The Raytheon Beech 400/400A evolved from the Mitsubishi Diamond 2 design that was bought by Beech in the mid 1980's. The original Mitsubishi MU300 Diamond 1 flew for the first time in August 1978. Only 11 Diamond 2's were built before Beech purchased the design and production rights. The Diamond... Read More >

1990 - 2003 Beechjet 400A
1990 - 2003 Beechjet 400A >Today's Beechjet 400A is much changed and improved aircraft from the days when it started out life as the Mitsubishi MU300 Diamond I. Originally designed and built in Nagoya, Japan, the Diamond prototype made its first flight back in August 1978. The second prototype aircraft, assembled in San Angelo Texas,... Read More >