2004 - Present Bombardier Global 5000
2004 - Present Bombardier Global 5000 >The Global 5000 is a slightly smaller version of the Global Express. It has a range of 4,800 NM. Although the fuselage is five feet shorter than the Global Express, its available passenger seating area (separate from the galley and lavatory) will be about the same. Two Rolls Royce Deutschland... Read More >

Bombardier Global Express
Bombardier Global Express >In October 1991, Bombardier announced its newest aircraft production program, the Global Express, a completely new corporate aircraft capable of carrying eight passengers and four crew 6,500 nm at Mach 0.80. Rolls Royce BR710-A2-20 engines power the Global Express. Each BR710 provides 14,690 pounds of thrust. The cabin is 20... Read More >

2005 - Present Bombardier Global Express XRS
2005 - Present Bombardier Global Express XRS >The Global Express is Bombardier's entry into the ultra long-range jet category. Its cabin is twenty feet longer than its Challenger stable-mate, providing a separate crew rest area and a roomier lavatory. Typical seating is for fourteen and with all seats filled it has a maximum range of 6,250 nm... Read More >