First Time Buyers

Made the decision to purchase a private airplane for yourself or your company? Congratulations! The key to making smart choices as a first time buyer rests largely in defining your needs and understanding how to work with a broker. To help educate you on this process, download our First Time Buyers Guide and Questions to Ask When Considering a Broker

Statistics now show that improving employee mobility should be a strategic priority for all business owners. The mobility accessed through business jet ownership opens the door to opportunities that might otherwise not be available. It can also be critical to winning new business and achieving successful fulfillment from your existing business at hand.

Facts point out that "high growth" companies need only to invest about .10% of overall revenue into corporate aircraft to pull ahead of the "no growth" companies in the market.*

The ever increasing demand for speed in the global market is an important measure of your need for a business jet. Faster response and quicker reaction time can often give you the deal making edge over your competition. Meeting with your current clients, developing prospects and exploring new markets in locations not serviced by the airlines regular routes are all reasons to invest in corporate air travel. Having the ability to put the best person in the best place at the best time is a core competency that is increasingly valuable. Productivity and time utilization will continue to be key factors in the rate of corporate growth.

General Aviation Services assists you in evaluating the necessity for business jet aircraft according to your growth strategy. We often recommend a formal mission and travel utilization analysis that will measure present costs and the impact they are having on your company's rate of growth. In a recent study conducted by Runzheimer International*, travel and corporate aircraft made up 52% of all employee mobility investment costs. This includes international assignments, employee relocation and the increasingly popular "virtual office". These are important factors to measure, understand and manage regarding the impact of air travel on your company's future recruiting, employee retention and employee development capabilities.

General Aviation Services will discuss specific mission and strategy objectives to assist in defining the type of corporate aircraft that best matches your present and future mobility needs.

*Runzheimer International Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Process

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