1990 - 1996 Hawker 1000A
1990 - 1996 Hawker 1000A >The Hawker 1000 was the largest member of the DH/HS/BAE-125/Hawker 800 series of corporate jets. The Hawker 1000 is based on the smaller Hawker 800 and has a cabin three feet longer and is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-305 turbofans instead of the Honeywell TFE-731 on the... Read More >

1977 - 1983 Hawker 700A
1977 - 1983 Hawker 700A >The Hawker 700 is uniquely noted as a quiet mid size jet with advanced avionics and high performance quality. The Hawker 700 is perfect for small to long range flights. Without the noise volume that some business jets produce, the Hawker 700 is capable of entry into any airport nationally... Read More >

1984 - 1995 Hawker 800A
1984 - 1995 Hawker 800A >The HS-125-700 and Hawker 800 are two more recent versions of the world's longest running corporate jet production program. The 125-700 and Hawker 800 are direct developments of the DH-125 (later the HS-125), which first flew in August 1962. This aircraft was developed into a number of variants through to... Read More >

1995 - 2005 Hawker 800XP
1995 - 2005 Hawker 800XP >The Hawker 800 won its Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in 1984. It is essentially a Hawker 700 with Honeywell's up-rated TFE 731-5R engines replacing the earlier TFE 731-3 engines and a slightly, redesigned exterior cockpit. With the -3 engines the Hawker 700 was a sluggish performer on hot days and... Read More >