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Letter from the President

Welcome to General Aviation Services!

On behalf of our entire organization, I invite you to learn more about the unique capabilities we offer our clients. As one of the world’s leading, full-service brokerage, acquisition, and aviation consulting companies, our track record of success and longevity speak for themselves. Since 1969, we've consistently achieved great results for our clients. How? In addition to building on our years of experience to develop a proven process and keeping the company financially strong, we’ve invested in three key areas.

  1. Hire the best people.  From our company's founders, to our current sales and support staff, we've assembled the best-informed, most dedicated team of professionals in the industry. Meet Our Team
  2.  Build strong relationships here and abroad.  We have worked hard to build strong, strategic partnerships on six continents. This means that when our clients need to buy or sell an aircraft, we are able to bring the world to their door. Because of our financial strength and proven methods, we buy and sell aircraft as well as representing clients in a brokerage capacity.
  3. Investing in technology to support, advise, and assist you in every aspect of aircraft ownership and operation. We've invested in research and information resources that provide clients the most accurate picture of the aircraft market at any given time.

We are serious about being a world leader in the aviation industry from our involvement in setting the professional standards for our industry as a founding member of the International Aircraft Dealer Association (IADA) to our investments in building the company to our global strategic partnerships.  By focusing on our core strengths, offering the best service possible alongside our in-depth knowledge and love of aviation, General Aviation Services will continue to lead the industry in both service, reach, and experience.

Greg Duckson, President