1997 - 2006 Citation Bravo
1997 - 2006 Citation Bravo >The Bravo is a stretched version of the Citation 500. The fuselage was extended 3 feet 9 inches to increase maximum seating capacity to 10. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW530A turbofan engines. The Bravo has the Honeywell Primus EFIS avionics suite and a revised interior based on... Read More >

2000 - 2006 Citation CJ2
2000 - 2006 Citation CJ2 >The CJ2 is a CJ1 with almost a three-foot stretch to the cabin length allowing standard seating for six. Like the CJ1 it features Collins Pro Line 21 EFIS avionics, plus upgraded Williams FJ44-2C engines that produce 2,400 pounds of thrust. It is certificated for single pilot operation. The CJ2... Read More >

2000 - 2006 Citation Encore
2000 - 2006 Citation Encore >The Citation Encore is a Citation Ultra with upgraded Pratt & Whitney PW535 engines that produce 3,400 pounds of thrust each. This is an increase of 355 pounds of thrust for each engine. There is no big change in performance but engine costs drop almost 20% and fuel costs drop... Read More >

1998 - 2004 Citation Excel
1998 - 2004 Citation Excel >The Cessna Citation Excel (Model 560XL) is a turbofan-powered small-to-medium sized business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas, USA. With the success of Cessna's high-end Citation X, the manufacturer saw a market for an aircraft with the X's features but aimed at the traditional Citation market,... Read More >

1978 - 1994 Citation II
1978 - 1994 Citation II >The Citation II, Model 550, was a direct development from the Citation I. The earlier aircraft's success in the market led Cessna to believe there was demand for a larger aircraft that utilized the same design philosophy. The result was the Citation II, which had a maximum seating capacity of... Read More >

1983 - 1991 Citation III
1983 - 1991 Citation III >The Citation III was Cessna's first entry into the medium jet market and was designed to supplement the much smaller Citation I and II. The new design features a swept supercritical wing for high-speed long-range flight, new Honeywell TFE 731 turbofans, a T-tail, and a new fuselage. The 389 cubic... Read More >

1993 - 2000 Citation Jet 525
1993 - 2000 Citation Jet 525 >The highly successful Citation Jet was developed as a replacement for the Citation and Citation I. Cessna announced the Citation Jet at the annual NBAA convention in 1989. The CitationJet is an updated version of the Citation 500. The fuselage is the same but it has a new T-tail and... Read More >

2004 - Present Citation Sovereign
2004 - Present Citation Sovereign >The Sovereign is a new aircraft that combines a slightly modified Citation X cabin, with a brand new wing. Cessna thought about designing an all new fuselage cross section for the Sovereign but decided instead to use the existing fuselage to keep down costs and reduce development time. The Sovereign... Read More >

1994 - 1999 Citation Ultra
1994 - 1999 Citation Ultra >Cessna announced it was developing stretched version of the Citation II in 1987. This aircraft would be named the Citation V. The Citation V is based on the Citation II, but with Pratt & Whitney JT15D5A engines, a slight fuselage stretch of one and a half feet, and six inches... Read More >

1989 - 1994 Citation V
1989 - 1994 Citation V >Citation V - After stretching the Citation I to make the II, Cessna decided to increase the size of the cabin again, stretching the fuselage by another 20 inches (510 mm), resulting in the largest member of the straight-wing family, the Model 560 Citation V. The first engineering prototype flew... Read More >

1992 - 2000 Citation VII
1992 - 2000 Citation VII >Instead of a Citation IV, Cessna focused their attention on developing two other versions of the III simultaneously. The first of these, the Citation VI, was intended to be an economy version of the III, with a basic, standardized avionics package and a generic cabin interior, without the option of... Read More >

1996 - Present Citation X
1996 - Present Citation X >The Cessna Citation X is a long range medium business jet aircraft. The X is the fastest operative civilian jet with a top speed of Mach 0.92 (703 mph, 1131 km/h). This also made it the fastest business jet in history. The Citation X is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan... Read More >