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About General Aviation

IADA Accredited DealerOur Company - A Passion For Aircraft

Unrivaled Strengths

Knowledge - As pilots ourselves, we are aviation enthusiasts.  We know every model of aircraft inside and out.  We can help guide you on the right aircraft to purchase for your needs or point out quirks in certain models to double check during inspections.

Financials – Our company is financially strong and this stability allows us to do more for our clients and invest in our own business. From acquiring an aircraft to helping our clients secure financing to working with international exchange rates, our financial strength separates us from other brokers.

Industry Leader – As a founding member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), we have helped set the standards for integrity and professionalism in the pre-owned aircraft market. Our reputation for fairness, integrity, trust, and easy working relationships was hard earned. We’re proud of our success and role in shaping the industry.

Relationships - In the aviation industry, it’s all about relationships. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships that go above and beyond the sale and purchase of an aircraft. The strong relationships we have built with clients, brokers, bankers, international agents, corporate flight managers, and aircraft industry service providers over the past 55 years gives us unparalleled access to information, capital, and opportunities that we can share with our clients.